Concert-odyssey "Cosmic landscape"

An unforgettable musical journey through the solar system and beyond with the classical music theater “Impression”!

Transport for a while into the boundless space, leave the hustle and bustle of earth and plunge into the world of infinity!

The unique concert format combining live music, ballet, theatrical performance and special light and sound effects will immerse you in the wonderful world of cosmic elements!

“Space Landscape” is a 2 in 1 concert-odyssey and the story of a journey through planets and galaxies. What are they? What is their mystery? Will the hero find his ideal world?

Tender, sensual Venus... Warlike Mars... Creative Jupiter...

The journey through infinite space will be accompanied by the inspired sound of masterpieces of classical music - the music of Bach (film “Solaris”), Symphony No. 40 by Mozart, “The Tempest” by Beethoven, “Sabre Dance” by Khachaturian and other famous classical masterpieces... - and we will feel extraordinary energy from the moment the sound is born until it spreads throughout the Universe!

For the first time! Virtual 3D scenery with incredible fantastic views of cosmic landscapes, created by Artificial Intelligence, coming to life with music!

LIVE SOUND! A bright and unusual production!

Concert-odyssey Cosmic landscape



The program impresses with both its futuristic visuals on a huge LED screen and the variety of its sound palette! - you will hear the mysterious and powerful sounds of the gong and the mystical sound of the organ combined with the gentle sounds of the flute, the velvety sound of the cello and the king of the stage - grand piano!

Also on stage - the sound of the cosmic instrument “theremin”! He captivates with his unearthly futuristic sound. The very principle of its sound is surprising - due to the oscillation of electromagnetic fields.

Impressia Space landscape
Impressia Space landscape
Impressia Space landscape
Impressia Space landscape
Impressia Space landscape


Natalia, 45 y.o.

The warmest, it was as if I had been in paradise and plunged into the beauty and greatness of God!

Anatoly, 50 y.o.

I really liked it. I regret that I didn’t take my son with me - I thought it would just be classical music. But it turned out that there was more to it than that. Thank you.

Natalia, 26 y.o.

Very beautiful. Great repertoire. Talented troupe