Concert-elegy “Dreams of Love”

Masterpieces of classical music in the new romantic elegy concert “DREAMS OF LOVE”!

A unique author's development of the classical music theater "Impression" in the synthesis of arts and 3D effects - music, light, literature, dance and painting!

A touching romantic story, shrouded in a haze of mystery.

Who is she? A beautiful stranger, whose face, hidden by a veil, flashed only for a moment and disappeared into the silence of the night.

Who is he? Whose unhurried steps and daring confidence won more than one heart...

Gentle classics, an unusual combination of music, dance and drama, and impressive special lighting effects will take you to the world of dreams and romance!..

You will experience a whole palette of emotions - from thoughtfulness to bliss, from amazement to boundless happiness and love!

A beautiful spectacular production with virtual scenery that comes to life with music, and the effect of volumetric immersion in the action!

In the program: N. Paganini "Caprice 24", F. Liszt "Dreams of Love", J. Massenet "Elegy", F. Liszt "Campanella", S. Rachmaninov "Vocalise" and other world-famous classical masterpieces that touches hearts!

* the program is being updated, some changes/adjustments are possible

Impressia. Dreams of love



Yulia, 38 y.o.

The music and dance perfectly convey the plot. Very atmospheric. Thank you!

Emilia, 16 y.o.

I have a very wonderful experience with the program. Everything is beautiful, cool and dynamic!! I wish your dreams and good concerts to continue!!!

Natalia, 42 y.o.

Excellent: direction, performers, selection of works, video sequences